Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gettin' Nutty in the Kitchen

I'm sure everyone has been going pie crazy with Thanksgiving in just two days but my baking had nothing to do with Turkey Day and this pie won't even see the rest of the family.  But again, Pinterest recipes caught my eye and mini pecan pies it was!!  ..I figured mini pies weren't as scary as a normal 9".  And for some reason, I don't know why, but making a pecan pie has always scared me!  Not to worry, everything turned out just dandy.....

So when I started out, mini pecan pies were the plan and then my pops got involved and of course he wanted to make both, minies and a normal size pie! WHAT!?  We opted to make a 9" instead just because I had the wrong muffin pan :(
      Downside of having 2 kitchens, half my baking pans are at my apartment instead of my house...Wamp wamp

BUTTT, after looking at a few recipes and finally picking one based on reviews, it was pretty simple.  Who would've thunk!?

Brown sugar, corn syrup (Karo), eggs, butter and vanilla and wahlaa..just needed to add the pecans and  it's that simple!
*Ok so one thing I did change was the fact that the recipe calls for dark brown sugar, we only had light brown sugar and after *cough* extensive *cough* research, I figured light brown wouldn't do much harm.  Only difference is the amount of molasses in it..all depends on your personal preference and taste buds.
       And for the pecans, I made my dad break up the pecans into halves.  That was his specific job Hehe.  As any of my friends know, I'm a tough cookie to be in the kitchen with since I totally believe in having to many cooks in the kitchen does no one any good..so needless to say he had his minor rules in this process.  But in actuality, this pie was super simple and probably the easiest pie I've ever made.

We ended up using store bought pie crust just because me and crust don't do well together.  I don't have time for that stuff, OK I do but I rather not.  So mix the ingredients together then add the pecans and pour them into the crust and into the oven it goes.  **I added a handful of chocolate chips to half of it because I was curious of how it would turn out. (Long story short, years ago I tried this chocolate pecan pie it was one of the yummiest desserts I've ever had...never found out who made it and never had it again, sad day for all)

I was also a little nervous after having it all mixed it because it really didn't look much filling.  Pouring it into the pan it came to be a little more than half filled.  (sorry for no picture) but once it was in the oven, as my dad guessed, it did rise and filled out beautifully.

Now let me tell you, the smell of a pecan pie cooking----Wooo Nelly, it was scrumptious!!  45 minutes later @ 350....

..... and a skype session later the pie was cool enough to try and it was deliciouso!  Totally worth adding chocolate chips too!! As my dad said, we sadly didn't have any vanilla ice cream to pair it with like he did when he was a kid, but don't worry, he still ate every little bit without it.  And absolutely better still warm, our microwave is broken and it's definitely not the same 2nd time around.


>>>>Here's the site I got it from and a few suggested variations in the reviews..totally worth checking out!    Original Pecan Pie Recipe!

Baking more pie tomorrow so who knows what will turn out but should be cooking up some more fun stuff this weekend since my boyfriends in town for a visit so check back for more home trials..

Sorry for the lengthy chronicle of this adventure but lesson learned, no need to fear the classic Pecan Pie..it most likely is going to be one of your easiest pies to make.  Curious to see how it worked out for others if you decide to try it out!

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping to all!

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