Monday, November 4, 2013

Start of Something New

Hopping back on the saddle and trying a new blog dedicated to food mainly but things I find on Pinterest that I try and just want to share.  I love trying new crafts or recipes but what's the fun if other people can't see or taste how yummy or awesome it is?  Here's my Pinterest if you wanna follow >>

So here's a little about me, nicknamed LuLu since I was a kid and now I'm getting ready to graduate college and start figuring out what to do with life other than being a part time comedian amongst my friends.  Lover of basketball, movies, playing around with makeup and SourPatch Watermelon.   I am definitely a home body but have an obsession with decorating for holidays/planning parties, making nifty crafts and organizing things.  I've recently moved into an apartment with my two childhood best friends.  Now they say never live with your friends because you don't want to ruin your friendship but what my problem is, is our old, yucky, broken stove. Now mind you this was before me and the ladies moved in...
Better/Updated pic coming soon!

  BUT coming from a house where my grandfather cooked delicious Italian food, my dad grilled and my mom would let me bake whatever I wanted - having a crap stove is one of the most annoying things EVER!  I've had the apartment since the summer but have only cooked a few times.  I tried to make an apple pie and within 10 minutes my smoke alarms were going off and the crust was burnt to a crisp.  My brownies were uneven and somewhat burnt and my pizza crust was extra crispy.   To put it lightly, I HATE THIS STOVE and miss baking.  Cooking things isn't as bad but when you just want to make a cake or brownies and can't, life is rough.  So most of my cooking is done when I go home to visit my dad and make dinner or suck it up and cook when my boyfriend comes to visit.  My landlord is promising a new stove soon, so fingers crossed :)

I plan on posting most of the dinners I make when my boyfriend comes for a visit or plan a dinner at home, that's really when the cooking creativity gets flowing.  Pinterest "Food and Drink" is my best friend the week before.  

My true love definitely is baking desserts.  I used to want to go to culinary school but still have a secret dream of owning my own bakery.  Every time I see a bakery I have to go in just to look at the cupcakes, because unfortunately cupcakes always look better than they taste, right?! 

So hope you enjoy and bare with me, I've got a lot to say and love to share so here we go!

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